One to one Training

Individual, personal, tailored

1-1 training could be the best option for you if your dog wouldn’t cope well with a group class, you have a specific issue that a general class won’t cover, your schedule doesn’t allow for regular class times. 

You may want one to one training for:

  • An individual plan that works around your lifestyle
  • Problems specifically happening at home 
  • Reactivity 
  • Anything else!

What Exactly Does one to one training Include and Entail?

1-1 sessions start as a package of 2. This is so that following the first session you aren’t just left to crack on and sort it out yourself. For the duration of our 1-1 package we should be working as a team. Ahead of our first session you get a form to fill out which gives me as much background as possible so that I can start designing your plan before we get started. During the first session I will ask some more questions  and see how the home dynamic works. We then get to work! I walk you through the plan I have created specifically for you and we make sure you are confident with the plan before I go. 

Following the session I will email you a PDF with a copy of the plan, including written descriptions and any relevant videos. During the period between sessions you can message at any time via Facebook/Whatsapp to ask questions, vent, celebrate, whatever is applicable at the time. 

The second session checks in on progress from the first and then progresses the plan further, or optimises it, or in the case that we’ve already solved the first issue we can move on to another! Again, following this session you receive another PDF with the updated plan, and get 3 months follow up to message for further advice at any point.

The cost of this 1-1 package is £120

Further sessions beyond the initial 2 are £40 each

More complex behaviour cases are £150  


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Gemma (Causeway Dog Training) won Dog Trainer of the Year for 2022, and is a finalist again for 2023. Why? A full commitment to improving the lives of families and their dogs, working with families’ individual circumstances to create plans that really work.   

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