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Welcome to the home of dog training on the Causeway Coast! Here you’ll find puppy, dog and agility training along with the new sport of hoopers. Looking for puppy and dog training in the North of Northern Ireland? I’m here to help.

Do you want training that is fun? Want to build your relationship with your dog with games? You’re in the right place! Puppy, dog and agility training should be enjoyable for dogs and their owners, it’s my aim that everyone here has a good time!

I take a holistic approach to training, that means that I look at the whole picture- ensuring that your dogs, and your own needs are met. We get dogs with dreams of what we can do together so I want to help you achieve those dreams, prevent problems and overcome any struggles that are getting in the way.

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Based on your needs you have the options of in-home 1-1 training, group classes or package deals which give you both for extra support. You could be living with your dog for the next 15 years so you’d better make sure the training is right from the start, resulting in 15 joyful years, rather than nightmares. Above all I want you and your dog to live happy lives together!

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