About Gemma

  • Dog Trainer of the Year 2022
  • Puppy, Reactivity and Canine Body Language Specialist
  • Agility1st Accredited Instructor
  • Accredited Canine Hoopers UK Instructor
  • Certified Trick Dog Instructor
  • World Scent Dog Association Instructor
  • Pet Professional Guild Member
  • Kennel Club and A4A Agility Judge

Providing high quality, fun, kind and effective training 

Hi! I’m Gemma. I live in Coleraine with my husband, 2 kids and 5 dogs (read more about them below). I created Causeway Dog Training in 2019 out of my love for dog agility, bringing the fun to the North Coast. Things have absolutely taken off since then, expanding to teach puppy and dog training classes, one to one lessons, masterclasses on recall and reactivity and canine hoopers. I won Dog Trainer of the Year 2022 for Antrim, Londonderry and Tyrone which is a definite highlight of my career to date.

Am I the best dog trainer for you?

As you well know, not everyone was meant to work together. So how do you know if we’d make a good team? First up, reading through this website you’ll get a sense of my personality, if you’re not enjoying the website, you probably won’t enjoy me. If you’re loving it, we’re probably on a similar level! I like dogs being dogs, while still being well behaved. I stand by the fact that dominance theory has been long disproven so don’t bother asking me to help prove to your dog that you’re the alpha. If you want to know how to be a kind and effective leader to your dog while still having a beautiful relationship with them, then we’re on the right page.

I am constantly undertaking more training so that I can keep upping my game as a trainer, keeping up to date with new science, theories and methods, throwing in a bit of craic while I’m at it.

At present I am studying for a behaviourist qualification, and the Certified Control Unleashed Instructor programme.  I have completed specialist programmes in Puppies, Reactivity and Canine Body Language through the Dog Training College,  and have completed CPD in puppies with Dr. Amber Batson, completed the Aggression in Dogs Masterclass by Michael Shikashio and attended numerous training sessions with top agility trainers from across Europe.



Meet Gemma’s dogs


The Golden Child 

Age: 5

Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Special features: Deaf

Deafness definitely doesn’t hold Flash back. Flash taught me so much about engagement and clear training and handling. It’s hard to imagine now that he’s so focused and engaged, but as an adolescent when I got him, at least half of our training sessions were spent trying to wave him back while he was off digging in the dirt or barking at the sky. Spaniels can’t just be trained the same as all other dogs, he taught me that and it has definitely become my niche. While at home he’s always stuck to me and out and about he enjoys galloping through the sea and exploring forests. 



The Wild Child 


Breed: Collie x Cocker

Special features: Crazy hypermobility earning her the nickname of “the slug”

Mazikeen came as a foster at about 5 weeks old. The litter wasn’t well cared for and the farmer wasn’t very nice. When she arrived she could fit in 1 hand, was malnourished and covered in scrapes but she was so sassy and spicy. Having found her way out of a fully secure puppy pen at 6 weeks old she was named Mazikeen for her unworldly qualities. She can still be a little demon but she has the biggest heart. She’s a teacher’s pet and loves nothing more than being right and earning snacks. While Flash is stuck to my knee, she’s climbing over my head.



The Greatest Showman 

Age: 3

Breed: Miniature American Shepherd

Special features: Mega floof for cuddling and ice blue eye

The classic bad boy, very pretty, and he knows it, but cheeky and a right chancer.  For all his faults (reactivity to other dogs which started at about 10 weeks old, pitiful impulse control and focus and swagger which is almost embarrassing to watch) he is the best pet dog ever. In the house he is the absolute best at making you feel better after a bad day. He so calmly smooshes up and gives the best cuddles. He dabbles in a lot of sports, hoopers, agility, some canicross but tricks are his shine, of course! He’s a showman! Reef is a trick dog champion and loves making people swoon over him. Even when he’s being a wee brat he does it with a twinkle in his eye.  



The  Mama Bear

Age: 7

Breed: Crossbreed (collie, lab, cocker and springer)

Special features: Double rear dew claws, she has 6 dew claws in total!

Polly sees herself as the mama of the family, She likes to make sure that everyone is okay and presses herself up against you when you ask for a hug.  Polly adores all things training and is a great all rounder. She loves tricks, has some amazing agility skills and loves her hoopers. But she doesn’t like to put on a show. She’s not interested in competition at all! She’s all about the fun with none of the pressure. She’s a sensitive girl who just wants to please everyone. 


The  Lady of Leisure

Age: 9

Breed: Lurcher

Special features: A wardrobe significantly more impressive than mine

Nora is all about taking things easy. She will sleep for the majority of the day, enjoy a quick zoomie on the beach and then walk right behind you for the remainder of the walk. I can’t count how many times I thought I’d lost her because she walks directly in my blind spot. Nora came from the pound a fluffy skinny scruffy lurcher, now a sleek and stylish girl she is more than happy to just enjoy a leisurely lifestyle.

Looking For A dog trainer you can enjoy working with?

Training works best when you are confident in the plan and feel able to ask for support. Choosing a trainer who understands your situation and daily schedule is key to creating long term change. 

Dog trainer with springer spaniel and Mini American Shepherd in Bushmills

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