Dog Sports


The ultimate sport! Hoopers is suitable for absolutely everybody, every dog, every handler. We recommend starting at the minimum age of 6 months old to get the most out of classes, though foundations can be started even younger at home. It is a fantastic foundation for agility, and a fabulous sport on it’s own. Dogs navigate a course of hoops, barrels, short tunnels and tango mats. It is really low impact so a good sport for younger, older, overweight and arthritic dogs. The flowing courses are also exciting for athletic dogs who can fly through the course. Hoopers is predominantly trained as a distance sport which makes it friendly for handlers with disabilities. We train the dogs to have a really good understanding and value for the equipment and handlers are rewarded in competition for their ability to handle at a distance.


Agility is a really fun sport designed to thrill! Handlers navigate dogs around a course of jumps, tunnels, weaves and contact equipment (A frame, dog walk and seesaw) where the fastest time with the least faults wins. This is a high impact sport with tight turns so best suited for fit, healthy dogs over 12 months old. All agility classes kick off with a foundation stage to ensure that the dogs have some really good skills before moving onto the equipment. Next up in the beginner sessions we start developing skills on the equipment and putting the skills into short sequences, pushing this further in the improvers sessions where we also introduce more complex equipment like the seesaw and weaves. Whether you’re aiming to compete or coming just for fun, it is all trained the same- good quality and safe! I am an Agility 1st Accredited Instructor.


Tricks are not just cool, they can be really useful too! You can train your dog to remove your socks and retrieve your slippers in the evening, or take the washing from the washing machine and place it in the wash basket, they can also just make really cute photos. Tricks are a great way to build relationships between kids and dogs in a fun way. As a Certified Trick Dog Instructor with Do More With Your Dog (DMWYD), I can assess the DMWYD Trick Titles from Novice up to Expert and you can achieve a lovely embossed certificate and ribbon. I run a Facebook spark team with totally free access to a number of trick tutorials to help you to achieve the novice trick title. It can be found here.

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