Dog Training

funny rat terrier with paws on head

Perhaps you have adopted an adult rescue dog and they’re slightly lacking in manners, or they’re finding their new home a bit overwhelming.

Or maybe you’re trying to survive adolescence with those cheeky teenage behaviours, I’m talking about running off, apparent loss of hearing and all previous training and you want to get back on track.

The sooner we can get to work on fixing these behaviours, the less chance they’ll have to practice the “less desirable” behaviours- the more they practice, the better they get at it! So let’s make sure we’re practicing all the behaviours that keep everyone happy.

To suit whatever you’ve got going on, there’s group classes and 1-1 training available in the Coleraine and surrounding areas.

You can book classes and adolescent packages below, or contact me to learn about one to one training sessions

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