Crazy to Calm


Do you dread taking your dog for a walk thanks to all the barky, lunging BS that comes along with it?

This class is going to address the underlying causes for your dog’s reactivity and give them alternative coping strategies for their big feelings.

Wednesday evenings 8-9pm, Maddybenny Portrush. 7th-21st September

See below for who this class is suitable for, how the class is structured and what is included

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What this class is about:

Addressing the underlying causes for your dog’s reactivity and giving them more appropriate outlets for their big feelings

Who this class is for?

Dogs who maybe bark/lunge at other dogs on walks, or try their best to get away from the situation.

Dogs will need to be food motivated for this class to follow the programme. If you have a dog who isn’t motivated by food who needs help with their big feelings, 1-1s would give a more individualised approach. Click here if you need need advice onwhich training approach to take Free Consult Call

This class is not suitable for dogs who have bitten other dogs and caused injury, or who are likely to cause injury if given the chance. If in any doubt, contact me before booking to check.

How the class is structured:

The class will be 3 weeks long at Maddybenny Farm in Portrush. Ahead of the first class we will arrange a 20-30min 1-1 consultation to discuss your dogs individual reasons for the barky BS. This can be scheduled any time between now and the group class starting. If we do not get time scheduled before hand we can use it as a follow up session instead.

There will be 4 dogs in the class, in a large arena so we can work at larger distances to begin with.

You may be required to purchase suitable equipment ahead of the class such as a harness, this will be discussed during the 1-1 consultation. This is to ensure safety of the others in the class.

Following the class you will receive a personalised plan to follow on with, and 3 months of support through WhatsApp/ email


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