Dog Training Class


You can choose to either take just the in person class lasting 4 weeks at Benvardin Kennels, BT538AF, with small group feedback and expertise running 4 weeks starting Thursday 5th January from 8-9 pm until 26th January


level up your success by adding the 6 week online class which you keep access to for life!


A 4 week class aimed at dogs from 6 months old onwards. This class is fabulous for adolescent dogs who have maybe gone a bit wild, adult dogs who need a brush up on their manners, and rescue dogs who need a bit of guidance.

The class is not suitable for reactive dogs due to the proximity to other dogs and owners within the class. 1-1s may be a better starting point for those with bigger feelings.

You can choose to level up your success by adding the home study modules, 6 weeks of short training sessions to guide you along at home.

The next in person class will start on Thursday 5th January and runs until 26th January

Venue is Benvardin Kennels, BT538AF

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