Online Puppy Course


If regular weekly classes don’t suit your schedule or budget, this online course is a more flexible option for you.

Online self paced puppy course covering basic training, enrichment, toilet training, socialisation and more. Based on a 9 week programme but can be taken at any pace that suits you.


Puppies don’t come preinstalled with all the skills they need to thrive in our family homes, it’s our job to teach them, and we don’t want to get it wrong!

This 8 week long course guides you through everything you’ll need to do with your puppy to make sure you don’t miss a thing!

We’ll tick off all the basics:

● Sit

● Down

● Housetraining

● Recall

Give you weekly socialisation ideas:

● Noise

● Sights

● Adventures

● Trips out

Teach you tricks to show off to your friends:

● Leg weaves

● Spins

● Rollover

● Ringing bells to get out to the toilet

Learn how to prevent all the typical behaviour problems:

● Jumping up

● Digging

● Counter surfing

● Door dashing

and inspire you with weekly enrichment activities.

Tasks are split into compact videos and spread across the weeks so that you can spend even just 5 minutes a day working with your puppy and still see great results.


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