Puppy training

Congratulations on getting a new puppy! It’s a really exciting time but it can also be a bit overwhelming. There’s so much to train  and your puppy has to be socialised and you just want to get it right. I am here to guide you and ensure that your puppy is set up to be a wonderful pet dog. Did you know that a studies have found that puppies who went to a puppy class were later friendlier with strangers, less prone to behaviour problems and more trainable? Sounds like the jackpot!

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Puppy class

Socialise your puppy in a small group of 6 with supervision and guidance from a puppy expert! We will cover all the essential training in class as well including

  • leadwalking
  • recall
  • settling
  • focus
  • leave it

and more!

You also have the opportunity in each class to ask questions and get advise on the likes of puppy biting and toilet training

Classes are Thursday evenings at Benvardin Kennels  and a 4 week block


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Kickstarter Package

Kickstart your puppy training right from the start!  This package combines 2 one-to-ones and the 4 week group puppy class. You get the benefit of tailored support at home to get your puppy settled into a routine and have a training plan that works for your schedule and family, as well as the massive benefits of the puppy class for socialising your puppy around other people and puppies. 


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Perfect Puppy package

If you want support through your puppy’s whole upbringing this is the package for you. Tick off socialisation and training with the 4 week group puppy class, and get 6 one-to-one sessions spread over 6 months to ensure that all training stays on track into adolescence. You get the 8 week online on demand puppy course included as well which is a massive resource bank of training videos, enrichment and socialisation ideas, as well as unlimited access to me via Whatsapp/Messenger/Email to ask for advice so at no point you will ever feel lost. 


Any other puppy training options?

Online On-Demand Puppy Course

If a regular class schedule doesn’t suit you, or you need more flexibility or a cheaper option, the online Puppy Power course is a MASSIVE resource to cover all bases. You will be walked through socialisation, enrichment, housetraining and biting, as well as all the training your puppy needs to grow into an awesome dog. When you sign up for this class you get access for life and can check back in and revisit the videos as many times as you like. This is also a nice option for families so that everyone can watch and get on the same page.

Puppy 1-1 Training

If you just want one-to-one training we can get you sorted! 1-1s are super for ensuring that training plans work for you and your lifestyle. They will directly address any issues that you are having and give you individual support. 

Sports Puppy Class

For the stars of the future! Not only does this class teach some cool foundation skills for sports, it’s also a really lovely class for building up their confidence, as well as keeping their training up throughout puppyhood so that behaviour doesn’t slack off.

This class is held outdoors at Limepark in Armoy on Sunday mornings

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Puppy class Requirements

must have Both sets of vaccinations to start puppy class

Being a group class and based in a rescue centre it is important that your puppy is fully vaccinated before starting the group class to ensure the health of them and the other puppies in the class. For 1-1 sessions this is not necessary.

Puppies must be under 6 months old

Puppies grow up really quickly! At 6 months old most puppies would be classed as adolescents and the training will change slightly for them Click here if your puppy is over 6 months old

No harsh handling or aversive tools

“Violence begins where knowledge ends”. Lucky for you I have bags of puppy training knowledge so we have no need to resort to violence. Aversive tools such as choke chains, prong or electric collars are not permitted in class. Harsh handling will not be tolerated. I will support you in understanding how you can build success with your puppy in a kind and effective way.  


Bring a crazy amount of treats, and some fun

Of course we want to be positively reinforcing our puppies, but I also want the owners to have fun! Classes are a great place to meet people in a similar boat, share stories and have a laugh. Honestly if you’re actually enjoying yourself, your puppy will feel great about the whole situation. 

Looking For A Puppy trainer?

Puppy training class no longer has to mean marching around a hall with your puppy at heel. Puppy training should be fun for both owner and puppy, we definitely learn more if we’re having a good time. In puppy class we cover

  • Leadwalking
  • Recall
  • Settling and chilling out
  • Leave it
  • Focus and engagement
  • Weekly Q&A where you can get answers to all your burning questions on topics like puppy biting and toilet training, and anything else!

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Get in Touch By Phone Or email

Leave me a voicemail or send me an email and I’ll let you know what I can do to support you





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