Rescue Centres and Organisations

white and black siberian husky in cage

I have been involved in rescue for over 3 years, fostering well over 20 dogs or puppies across that time. There have been super easy dogs, physical or mental rehabilitation cases, some with a few ‘quirks’ and some little puppies just sponging up all the training they had while with me.

Regardless of how long I spent fostering them, I would always wonder how they were getting on, was their training continuing? Were they receiving enrichment activities and appropriate exercise?

I know that everyone in rescue cares about what happens to the dogs and puppies once they leave our care, so I have created training solutions to ensure that adopters have access to quality, safe and kind training when they bring their rescues home.

black man and woman playing with fluffy dog on bed

I offer heavily discounted online course options to rescues which can be provided to adopters in adoption packs. They gain lifetime access to either an 8 week online puppy course or a 6 week adolescent/adult course with unlimited online support from me. Because the courses are hosted online, they can be used by adopters in any area of the country, or even any country.

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My aim is to reduce the numbers of dogs being surrendered back into rescue by providing affordable quality training to those who may need it most.

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